IIMC has four different rural development projects.

  • Cheese Production

As part of the Micro-credit program, the Cheese Enterprise allows 100 women to own a cow and sell back the milk to the project at a fair and fixed price. There is an agreement between IIMC and the owner of Fire & Ice Restaurant. Every day the members of micro-credit supply over 100 litres of milk to the IIMC’s Mozzarella Unit.

  • Dukherpole Cultivation Project

IIMC’s first Agriculture Project has been initiated at Dukherpole. The villages are poverty stricken and people are mostly illiterate. There is a lot of superstition and social injustice prevails in the area. This project cultivates IIMC’s own farmland, breeds ornamental fish and grows Sunflower & Flavoured Basmati Rice. We also provide water to local farmers by a shallow pump.

  • Purbajata Cultivation Project

Putbajata is a village on the outskirts of Sundarbans in South 24- Parganas in the West Bengal. Here agricultural fields are mostly mono-cropped. While 80% of the people depend on cultivation, 10% depend on fishing. More than two- third of the population live below the poverty line. IIMC cultivates its own farmland here and conducts pisciculture/fish farming.

  • The Cow and Goat Keeping Project

The Cow is very important for Indian Society, especially in rural life but cows are very costly to purchase. The Cow project creates an asset and property for a family living in poverty. The cow generates enough milk for the family and the village, and when calves are born the family is able to sell the calf and generate an income.

Where we want to distribute the goats is very remote. About 50 – 100 Kilometers from Calcutta. More than 70% of the population in this area live below the poverty line so providing village mothers with a goat helps them to start a business so they can become self-sufficient.

We also plan to introduce buffalo, pigs & chicken to further develop and expand this project in the future.

We have many international sponsors that “sponsor’ a cow for a very small cost. This enables more cows to be given to family in poverty. If you would like to know more about our Cow Project , or would like to sponsor a cow please contact us.