The Cycle “Aila”- Hit the West Bengal

Aila_4It took some time to understand and to visualize the damage of the Cyclone.
After one week the extend of damage is revealed, 6-7 million people are affected 160 spot life toll and after hundreds are dieing and suffering.



Aila_3No food, no shelter, no drinking water and medical treatment out of reach. Death bodies are floating n the flood water rotten smell of death domestic animals are the common scenario around, the islands of delta of Ganges.





Whole Village is under water Log

aila1_3IIMC sent 10 members relief team with doctors, health & social workers, 1st relief mission for 3 days in the area south east Bengal, along Bangladesh border is completed the need is far more than we could supply and in other side the suffering is even more.We have decided to send the relief team to the other side of affected area, 10 members’ relief team starts today for 3 days to stay in island with IIMC Boat Ambulance. The relief team will carry Rice, Dalls, Biscuits, plastic tent, Nutrition’s diet ND and mendicants.

Safe and Secure Shelter on the Tree
IIMC need support from our friends, we have no enough resource after our daily need of the regular activities.

Aila_2_0Any kind of support will be appreciated and we hope many other authorities will come forward to support all those, unfortunate Cyclone suffering & victimize people and farther we hope soon all those problem will be overcome with all the cooperation & supports of all of us.

Dr. S.K Brahmochary
Kolkata, India.