Devastated & Deadly Quake in Nepal – A message from Dr Sujit

The Earth QUAKE (EQ) in Nepal has damaged and crushed houses, thousands of lives, Cattle, foodstuffs, road communication. Nature was too cruel for this Himalayan poor country.

I rushed to Nepal on 2nd May immediately when Kathmandu International Air Port opened for civil aviation but in Calcutta airport every 30 min, new announcement – “Flight delayed” in any way after 3 hrs late we could reach Kathmandu in the evening, and lost the day to visit EQ affected areas.

On 3rd May morning I visited Kopan Monastery, 400 Buddhist Monks who pray & meditate are now active for relief and rescue for EQ victims. Afternoon I joined with the Kolkata Based Hindu-monks’ Ashram, ( Bharat Sevasram Sangha with whom we worked 2 years  in Andaman Tsunami)  4 monks and I hired one Tata Jeep, decided to visit Shindhupalchowk region, 42 km. North East from Kathmandu.

We decided to enter through mountain road in deep rural areas (3000 meter high). It took 4 hours to travel 42 kms. distance. Roads are not concrete, mountains muddy-scrabble passage, every 300-500 meter 270⁰ – 360⁰  U-turns, and we had to stop to remove Stones or debris of crushed down houses.

Everyone was using nose and mouth masks not only for dust but rotten smell of dead bodies. Even after 6 days of the calamity, we could smell dead bodies in some places. On the road in every corner poor, hungry people were waiting for food clothes, water and relief, but we have no food trucks with us in this trip.

We were surveying the road condition, people’s situation and discovered reminant of nature’s cruelty, damage, death, “after shock” and the poverty of the poorest Earth Quake victims.
Sometimes God punishes poor people more than the privileged ones. During my visit in all affected areas, I could clearly discover the poorest one has been affected the most.
The Muddy wall houses of Natural round stones, put together with mud and lime dust or branches of forest trees were crushed down, but those who have concrete, cement and brick constructed houses, had not been fallen, though many concrete houses were cracked but not crushed down.

We decided to help the areas of Saku, Lavsivedi, Melimcy village in Sindhupalchwok region.

On 4th May we loaded on a truck 100 of bags rice (80 kg each bag), 50 bags of Lentils (50 kg each), 50 Boxes of cooking oil (10 litter each), biscuits bread, Soap etc. The truck was heavily loaded and it was nearly impossible to reach our target areas. There is a big difference between driving a Jeep and a heavy loaded truck and we could realized when the driver said he was not going to drive any more. All  those full U-turns and climbing up with the loaded truck were not a good plan, but we had no other options, we wanted to bring some relief in the areas we visited.

4 Monks, our Nepalese Friends Mr. MS Dahal, and myself could manage to continue the journey by begging the truck driver & it took 4 ½ hrs to reach our destination (42 km North East from Kmt)
It was decided to give the relief materials to the chief of the villages and they will manage the distribution to the affected families.
We were not able to do this because it would create havoc chaos and a chance of looting up by local muscle man and aggressive ones.

Removing of life casualties are nearly over, Food is being distributed
Now it is time to give some proper rehabilitation to the affected people.
Housing, re-organizing their small business of Cattle, the education of the children are the first priorities.
We at IIMC-Mission shall organize a rehabilitation team to work for housing for re-establishing their small business food stuff, Blankets etc and for education of the children.
Please join us to give any support & Rehabilitation for our Nepalese neighbours.

Please donate now! (add link) or please contact our coordinator in your country.
Dr. Sujit

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