In West Bengal IIMC has built schools and educates children because it is the best way to reduce poverty and gives human dignity for the child and their family.

In India there are Government and private schools, but most of them have too many students and too few teachers. Sometimes the children have to walk very long distances to go to the school. Most of the time they refuse to go due to the long distance. Unfortunately this means that many children, families and communities remain illiterate and in poverty.

Therefore, to reduce the 56% illiteracy rates, we have built 8 pre-primary schools, 10 primary schools and 4 Secondary schools in rural areas of 24 Parganas (S), West Bengal.

We have evidence that providing education to children makes them happier and healthier. They are less likely to be sick and need medical care and they are more likely to be employed or be financially stable when they complete school. Many of our students go on to further education and achieve professional careers.

We encourage international sponsors to sponsor a child to attend school. This sponsorship enables us to provide school fees, study material, uniforms, shoes, socks, school bags, books, midday food, counselling and moral support. Whatever they need to keep them healthy and learning.

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