Since 2011 IIMC has developed a partnership with Real Madrid Foundation (Spain). In 2011 Dr Pepe and Karin arrived with a delegation from the Real Madrid Foundation to build a sports school for students aged 6 – 16 years old in a very poor area – Challapara (Kehadat). A trainer from Real Madrid came to select and train the students, both boys and girls, and future coaches were also trained.

This school is aimed at giving more opportunities to children who are not particularly academic, but are talented in sports. Students have normal classes in the morning (Bengali, math, English) and sports in the afternoon. Training them in a school specialised in different disciplines of sport such as football, cricket and basketball, can improve their possibly becoming a professional player and provide them with other occupational opportunities.

This project aligns well with IIMC’s goals of reducing poverty as students who play sports have an 80% probability of getting a job, even if they don’t have a diploma. Team sports are a good way to develop students’ communication and cooperation skills and students who play sports are less likely to adopt unhealthy behaviours such as smoking.