Spirit of Partnership in Community Service

International Cooperation & IIMC working together for Poor & Sick People
IIMC-Mission, One Remarkable and Encourageous Support for Rural Poor People.

IIMC-Mission is working for the developments of rural poor people in the different islands of Sundarban, Delta of River Ganges.
Last few years IIMC-Mission with all friends Wild Wide has extended extensive support to improve the situation of rural poor people. IIMC with its 8 different medical centres & 40 rural networks units has covered treatments of 130,000 sick people (in 1 year) and 7000 child are attending in the schools.
Medical assistance, child education, women issues & social empowerments are the main issues; we are covering as our regular activities. Apart from the medical, educational & social supports many instances are life saving and making big difference.
1. Case Study
Nargis one of the poor child of her parent. They have three daughters. Eldest one is the patient of spondilocis, second one has some problems of heart disease and last one poor Nargis had no anus opening (Congenital Malformation).
1st Surgery is Done
She was passing stool by her vaginal opening. But it was very painful.
Nargis was identified in IIMC-outdoor and was brought to indoor. It was clear that surgical intervention is urgent; Dr. Brahmochary informed the medical team that support will be available for her surgery with the help of good friends.
Then her critical operations organized to KPC Medical College & Hospital.
Three operations done one by one, firstly one hole or opening from abdominal side & from that portion, she was passing stool. Secondly, anus opening and after some processing for few months, third time connection between anus & abdominal opening.
Now she passes stool by anus normally.

Nargis in Normal Life with her Parents
IIMC-Mission also sponsored their second daughter for her educational purpose to help the family.
So, now they spend their days with a little smile.
Thanks to all authorities & all cooperations and supports, so many children & mothers are getting healing & curative support and living healthy life with smile.

Case Study – 2
Ganga Rani, one 35 years lady living on her daily work in her vegetable shop, accidentally caught fire in her muddy hut, was brought to the local Govt. health centre and was refused for admission. She was brought to IIMC Outdoor medical centre for further treatment.

70 % – 80% Burn treated locally with holy Ashes & local Plants.
She is Fighting with Life & Death

We could intervene because IIMC-Mission is determined to save life. Ganga Rani got all medicament & healing touch and slowly recovered from 70% burn injury.
IIMC Care Slowly she is Recovering
Thanks to all IIMC international participant and all friends for supporting IIMC project to save lives.

Case Study – 3

Proper Antenatal Care

Case Study – 4
With the initiative of IIMC-Mission 7000 children are in school & 3000 have been sponsored for education, thousands of pregnant mothers are getting proper antenatal, postnatal & all supports for safe child birth.

Barnali with her Educational Umbrella

Lets go to School

In our practical experience we have seen it is possible to make a big difference with such generous support. Hope IIMC with all friends will keep up this service for many more poor, sick & suffering people and will give healing, curative & life saving services.
THANKS to everyone,

Dr. S. K. Brahmochary
Institute for Indian Mother & Child
Kolkata, India