Let Us Respond and Speak to Our Poor Neighbour

In the concept of Help and Cooperation there is a big confusion and understanding gap, most of the time possibly unintentionally we direct our self to the process of charity and encourage the begging desire of the poor and suffering backward people.

Let us create opportunity for them

In most of the developmental approaches we are very sincere and dedicated to help others; we try to give every effort and everything and after some years: – results of the observation is no one has been helped, no has improved their situation instead every one has remained dependent and slowly turned to poorer day by day.

How to give …….. whom and when to give …… These are big paradox in the dialogue of Development & Cooperation. In my 20 years practical experiences around remote rural villages, I have learned well, that no one wants our help & charity. People are poor, many one have extreme poverty, and for their urgent need e.g. to have one meal in a day, they may extend their hand to receive charity. This is one reality, but in our practical experiences most of the poor and backward people are egger to extend their hands for becoming self sufficient and to be empowered.

Small enterprises will create
opportunity for rural women

We the privilege one and cooperation workers need to learn: – charity process does not improve anyone, infact it destroys:- Human Dignity and the capacity building ambition. We human being everyone is a complete individual, equipped with many capacities, to be self sufficient and empowered we Need Opportunity and some chances. To create opportunity and favorable infrastructure for everyone is very important & urgent task. Someone with his own skill of himself is a big difference than he is given and helped by some one from out side. Rabindra Nath Tagore said “Self created resources will never end, but refilling resources from external supply’s end very quickly”. In IIMC-Mission:- everyday our efforts are to empower & to buildup capacity, for the peripheral poor & backward people. It is difficult, it is time consuming and sometimes it is frustrating, but we are in a continuous process to pierce out and to remove long standing tradition of charitable process. And now after few years of our sincere efforts we have started to receive long standing result of Development & capacity building among our rural and peripheral poor people.

Education for everyone, and building schools in every village, organizing formal education for children and in other side parents & older family members’ mast be economically empowered. Health & hygiene must be taken care and giving social, culture & intellectual capacity building support will solve the problem

All children are in IIMC School

IIMC-Mission is seriously envolved on those above areas. Everyday thousands children are arriving in IIMC schools for learning and education instead of their all poverty and social obstructions.

Education umbrella
for handicapped children

Health care for sick people

Health care for sick people

Micro-Credit is good process to bring economical empowerments among rural women. Every one of the village mother has joined with IIMC micro-credit to start their own business & small enterprises. Social cultural intellectual (self confidence) & leadership development process is very important for socially backward people, otherwise all those effort will be not sustainable & long standing.

Everyone must get equal opportunity for education, economics, health & in social life.
Let us organize & create opportunity for everyone.
Let us promise, we shall respond to our poor neighbours.

Socio – cultural
and educational support to women

Dr. Sujit Brahmochary
Institute for Indian Mother & child
Kolkata, India