With success, Dr. Brahmochary experimented with educational sponsorship in 1988, before he initiated IIMC. On his return from Belgium becoming paediatrician, he went to a far away village from Kolkata. He met 4 children who were surviving on their parents’ income earned by begging. The oldest one, 10 years old, used to go to schools but recently stopped as the parents were unable to pay his tuition fees while they had very little to buy food. Dr. Brahmochary talked to the boy and found the boy was intelligent and eager to go back to school. He apprehended that if the boy did not have opportunity to go back to school, soon he would begin begging or mingle with street gangs, involve in antisocial activities and end up as a murderer or in prison. This apprehension pushed him to pursue his some of his Belgian friends to sponsor the boy to support his education, and later, he was also successful to find 4 more supports for 4 more poor children.

Presently, all poor students go to IIMC’s schools are supported by educational sponsorships, which come from various benevolent people mainly live in Italy, Belgium, Spain, England, Japan, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Canada, USA, Australia, Slovenia, Germany, Norway. Every student with a sponsorship (which is the cost of three cups of coffee in Europe) have school fees, study materials, uniforms, shoes, winter clothes, tiffin expenses and also private tuition fees, more to say, whatever she/he needs for education. The sponsors regularly receive student’s progress in education, including family history, living conditions and a photograph.