How We Run The Programme

For the last 30 years, IIMC is running the Sponsorship Programme, and we are proud to mention that many of the students have to completed their education successfully and secure their deserved social social positions. And, presently more than 4000 children receive the benefit to Sponsorship Programme. Behind this success, we follow a well-planned system as follows:

  • Usually one child from a poverty stricken family, where parents are unable to earn substantial income from their professions. The preference goes to day labourer, rickshaw puller, street hawker, house servant and any profession of the same categories.
  • We do assess the parent’s strong motivation carefully if they are really willing to send their child for schooling.
  • A sponsoring family will either choose a child waiting to be sponsored, or we will match a sponsoring family with a child.
  • We connect sponsored child with sponsoring family asking the child to write to the sponsoring family about her/his progress in study at least twice in a year.
  • The sponsoring family is invited to write to its sponsored child so that the child remains motivated, engaged and devoted in their studies.
  • We encourage the sponsoring family to continue their support to the child at least until the child completes higher secondary (Class-XII, 18 years old). This progress will give the child a solid basic qualification to work to earn income for their families. However, we ask the sponsoring family to continue the support if the sponsored child is found eager and bright to continue the study up to university level (21 years old).
  • For any reason a sponsored child cannot continue the study, we inform the sponsoring family to stop the support. However, if the sponsoring family want to keep up the support, we will offer a new child waiting to be sponsored.
  • If a sponsoring family wish to withdraw the support to the child in the middle of schooling, we take over the responsibility until we find another sponsoring family.
  • There is no restriction for sponsoring family to offer support: they are welcomed to support as many children as they want