Do you wish to join IIMC

We always welcome voluntary services from the people like you because the core of the IIMC’s service to the people is the voluntarism. According to Dr. Sujit Brahmochary, ‘as long anyone willing, motivated and committed to serve poor people, he or she is welcomed wholeheartedly to work with IIMC’. We are the volunteers serving poor people from a reliable and dependable venue that is IIMC. Our numbers, including local and foreign, staggeringly above thousand. Joining us you would feel needed, acknowledged, proud, recognised, liberated and respectful. Being with us, you would increasingly feel an urge to serve people, to know their communities, to test yourself, to prove your worthiness, to know your capabilities and many more. To be precise about your voluntary service, you may join IIMC to do the following activities by contributing physically or financially:

  • At outdoor clinics services available for both volunteer with medical, dental and eye screening background and non-medical background.
  • Services of qualified doctors, nurses and carer at the hospitals, day care centres and handicapped centres.
  • Health education teaming up with the Health Education and Health Promotion Team.
  • Sharing educational knowledge and experience with school children and teachers.
  • Becoming a sponsor of a poor student to support her/his education.
  • Initiating an educational prize for best students as the way IIMC’s President, Prof. Satyabrata Chowdhury initiated.
  • Sponsoring a cow or a goat to help a poor mother in generating income for her.
  • Financial contribution in creating fund with Micro Credit Programme.
  • Marketing of IIMC products: handicrafts, publications and milk products.
  • Training on leadership, participation, team work and solidarity as qualified trainer.
  • House building, irrigation, water pump sinking and operation, gardening and any experience in agriculture.
  • Joining emergency services to help people to cope with natural disasters or any epidemics or immunisation drive.
  • Conducting research or studies on any activities of any programmes.
  • Becoming promoter, fund raiser or activist for the cause of IIMC in foreign countries (exclusively for foreign volunteers).
  • Joining as an active member in any IIMC branch in foreign countries (exclusively for foreign volunteers).
  • Becoming a major funder one-off donor to support any activities, for example, building a school or supporting school children’s annual festival.
  • Handing in religiously obligatory financial contributions.
  • Offering materials, which would be useful for IIMC or poor mothers and children.

Joining usis your great step towards empowering poor people by eliminating hunger, disease, abuse, exploitation, child labour, class and caste discriminations and economic injustice.