Handicapped Center for Girls

When it comes to physically problematic girls, gender discrimination is even more pronounced as compared to other girls in the society. For this reason, IIMC has decided to take care of these disadvantaged girls by providing them a welcoming house where they can live the life they deserve. Once they come back from school, the 19 girls currently hosted at the center, stay with IIMC women volunteers and enjoy a peaceful environment where they have the opportunity to develop their innate potentials. As IIMC believes Handicapped a child has the same right as a normal child to offered education, Handicapped Unit takes care of this responsibility. It is a great relief for the parent that his/her child is cared by unit’s trained nurse in terms of particular physiotherapy, education and food


A History

Joyti is a happy and healthy 13 year old girl, although she went through very difficult moments during her childhood. When she was 4 years old, her mother decided to commit suicide, jumping under a train and taking along her two children, Joyti and her 2,5 month old brother. Miraculously they survived but Joyti lost her leg. After being hospitalized for a month, Joyti’s father brought her to IIMC Indoor Centre. Thanks to the help of the entire IIMC staff, Joyti can today conduct a normal life: walking with an artificial leg she is able to go to school and do all activities a teenager does. She has an Italian sponsor family and attends class VIII