Outdoor Clinic

The 5 outdoor clinics are located in Tegharia, Hogolkuria, Chakberia, Challapara, and Dhaki. Apart from basic health services and medicines, IIMC also provides pathology tests, blood pressure measurement, immunizations, blood sample testing, X-ray services, dental and eye check-ups, gynecologist services, nursing, an pre-natal and postnatal care services. Moreover, the nutritional programme runs in every clinic, to ensure that malnourished children and pregnant mothers are properly fed.

Outdoor clinics running different remote rural areas:
LocationOperatingPerson Served
TeghariaTwice In A Week500 – 700 Patients Per Day
ChakberiaOnce In A Week300 – 500 Patients Per Day

Kalyanpur ( Dhopagachi)

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KheyadahOnce In A Week150 – 250 Patients Per Day
DhakiTwice In A Week300 – 500 Patients Per Day