What a Sponsorship Pays

The sponsorship is a financial support that comes from families all over the world that are in contact with IIMC through its numerous partner associations. With only 20e per month, one poor Indian child receives every thing needed in order to be successful in school. This includes: books and study material, calculator, uniform, bag, shoes, winter clothes, coverage of all school fees, private tutorship, sick allowance. On top of this, IIMC has constructed numerous houses and sanitation services for the most disadvantaged sponsor children. Nowadays the organization prefers to intervene with direct monetary support. The sponsor child is also invited to attend computer literacy, music, drawing and dancing classes organized once per week at IIMC Sonarpur.The sponsor child is not the only beneficiary of the programme. As a matter of facts, the sponsor family receives greeting cards, school mark sheets, letters and pictures. This allows the two par- ties to build a strong and ever-lasting relationship. The total number of sponsorships active at present is more than 3000. At the moment the biggest supporter is Italy with a total of 1591 active sponsorships; the following one is Spain.