Institute for Indian Mother and Child (IIMC) is a Non Governmental Voluntary Organisation (NGVO). Since 1998, we are working West Bengal, India, for the empowerment of poor people, especially for mothers and children. It mainly concentrates in two districts: North 24 Parganas and South 24 Parganas. Both districts are most populated, economically backward, under-developed and struggling in poverty.

IIMC envisions that poor people can take part in solidarity and get involved themselves in developmental activities towards their empowerment. In achieving this goal, the people come through a systematic process, health improvement, child sponsorship, education and economic support. On achieving the goal, being responsible citizens, the people keep themselves aware about the social problems in their areas. During the crises, they stand beside the victim and find a peaceful, socially, acceptable way to resolve the problem. The principal management strength of IIMC is the participation of volunteers, both foreign and local, who are dedicated, believing in changing world doing work at the grassroots.