Daycare center

We commonly know that Day-Care Centre or Nursery School is for the young children to be taken cared by trained teachers while their parents would be working for livelihoods. The purpose of the Day-Care Centre of IIMC is partially different than what is commonly understood. IIMC wants that young children should be acquainted with education in their early age. They, therefore, when come to the age of schooling, They have easy start. Day-Care Centre facilitates both young children’s education as well time for parents’ income earning work.

One day in 2007, when working on the project, Dr. Sujit and Barnali passed by a construction field and saw very small children completely abandoned by their mothers who were busy doing construction work. That’s where the inspiration to start the IIMC day care center came from. Today the day care center accommodates approximately 20 children aged 3 to 5 and gives them an opportunity to preserve their childhood. Here the children are given food, protection and a place for a proper intellectual stimulation. The children are brought to the day care at 8 am and are picked up by their parents at 5 pm everyday.