How It works

Each group meets two hours per day, 5 days a week, and is composed of 10 women plus a key figure, the convener, which is chosen right after IIMC decides to start a new WPC group in a particular village. The convener is an educated woman who will represent IIMC in the village. This figure plays a very important role as she facilitates the communication between IIMC and all the women in the group. Concerning the selection of the other 10 women, the bank manager chooses approximately 20 advanced-minded ladies that have an interest in their own development and have a strong desire to do something for their villages. IIMC WPC team will then interview these 20 individuals and will select 10. After the selection process, all participating women are invited to attend an intensive training at IIMC. Here the Woman Peace Council team of volunteers, together with outside experts, sensitize women on their rights, boost their self-confidence, and motivate them. After the training, IIMC will officially visit the village in order to find a suitable location where women should meet every day. This must be a visible point close to the main road, so that every individual in the village gets to know about the project. IIMC WPC team keeps track of the work done by every group and their progress. Should a group face problems, IIMC volunteers are always ready to help find a solution and give advice.