Child Care Residential Center

At the IIMC_indoor campus, the clinic can receive up to 20 Mothers & Children. Only mothers and children with serious health problems are admitted here. Most of the hospitalized mothers and children suffer from skin infection diseases. These patients are taken care by 2 doctors who visit them once a day. There are also 4 nurses that, with the help of foreign volunteers, give dressings and other specific treatments. Moreover, the health status of patients is kept track of on a daily basis, and patients leave the clinic only once healed completely. Lastly, hospitalized mothers can enjoy family planning and health awareness programmes run at the indoor campus, as well as benefiting from the nutritional programme. The second indoor clinic is located in Dhaki. From 2008, this clinic not only works as an outdoor, but also offers the possibility to a maximum of 20 patients to be hospitalized in case they need special attentions. On average, more than 300 mothers and children every year are admitted to the Dhaki indoor.