People in Target

IIMC embraces the people who are lift behind by the conventional, competitive development. They struggle at the bottom of the stratified social structure. Their struggle is not for living but from surviving from the vicious whirlpool of poverty. They can be identified as ‘the marginalised’, ‘the under-privileged’, ‘the excluded’, ‘the low-income group’ and, of course, ‘the poor’. They suffer poor health and cannot read or write. They remain unemployed; therefore, they move place to place for a hope of their livelihoods. Their children have empty bellies even though they love their children as much as the rich and the elite do; and their deaths are counted as merely another ‘statistic’. And among all of them, IIMC finds mothers and children are the most suffers. Further, cyclone, tornado, tidal bore, torrential rain and flood affect them most and aggravate their already peril situation.