Women Co-operative

Needle and Thread Group
One of the main goals of IIMC is try to improve women’s condition. IIMC offers to poor women with a troublesome past the possibility to learn a job. Women are given the opportunity to live a respectable life and to give their children the hope for a better future. Hereunder are listed the activities run at IIMC’s head-quarter.

This group involves women in 4 units, who are engaged in sewing to cloth making, fulfilling the demand of outside market and IIMC.

Sewing Unit: 15 women trained as tailors regularly make uniforms for our all sponsored students. On average they prepare 3000 uniforms per year, which literally helps IIMC’s education programme to distribute amongst both girls and boys free of cost. They also make dresses to the demand of local markets.
Knitting Unit: 2 women are engaged in producing winter clothes: pullover, cardigan and sweater, especially to distribute free of cost among the sponsored students. They also accept orders from outside markets.
Embroidery Unit: 2 women do artful embroidery work on sarees, tops, skirts and bags. Their designs and products are appreciated in India and abroad.
Handloom Unit: 5 women and 1 man are involved in this unit. They prepare quality cloths using local handlooms. Their products include sarees, bedsheets, pillow cases, tablecloths, tablemats and many more.
iimcThere are showrooms where the products of all the units are being displayed. Visitors and customers are welcomed to see around and to purchase at cheaper rate than in open markets. All units also serve as venues to provide training on their respective products. This option is kept reserved for the IIMC students whose sponsorships are ceased to stop, discontinued, or unavailable. They can have training at the units they like and prepare themselves to look for jobs.