‘When Medical Programme is the healthy body, Education Programme is the healthy brain of IIMC’. Education Programme is a solid platform for building dependable career for poor children. This is a great opportunity for the children from poor families as they have limited access to government run schools. Dr. Brahmochary has a practical thought behind offering education to poor children. He believes that if a poor child is educated with all supports, including family’s well-being, till the completion of her/his higher education, she/he would be economically better off and healthy with sound mind. This achievement would make her/him morally obliged to take care of the education of other siblings of the family.

While the programme is bringing positive result in fulfilling this vision, the programme overall prepares students to become a socially responsible, conscious citizens of the country. To be recognised by the government, the programme follows the educational curriculum of the government’s educational system. Nevertheless, there are extracurricular activities that add extra value to the students’ educational value. Presently, this programme facilitates education for 3,000 students and now arithmetically at least 3,000 families would be having one educated member at the end of her/his completion of higher education.

Establishing schools, primary and high schools in remote areas to provide educational opportunity to girls and boys, who are deprived of nearby schools and necessary supports, is IIMC’s is one of the prime principles for furthering education. While more schools are being constructed, for instant at least two in a year, the following are the schools already established and being operated in various remote areas according to IIMC’s education system: