IIMC runs an extraordinary school in partnership with Real Madrid Foundation (RMF). The Foundation is the welfare organisation of world famous football team Real Madrid in Spain. RMF’s principle is to encourage healthy life of children in Third World countries. Though its ‘social sports programmes’, the foundation promotes ‘sports, team-spirit, self-improvement, gender-equality and religious-tolerance’. Working together in partnership between IIMC and RMFcame out of an understanding between Dr. Brahmochary; Dr. Jose Muriana and his wife, Karen Muriana, the volunteers of IIMC in Spain and the representatives of RMF.On 11 January 2011, on behalf of IIMC, Dr. Brahmochary signed a 3 year agreement with the foundation that they would establish a sports school in Challapara village in Kheadha area, which is deprived socially, economically and geographically.

Victor De Arce Ludena, Coordinator for Junior Academy came from Spain and gave trainingon coaching to seven local males for boys and one female for girls. As a first batch of footballers 60 boys dividing into three age groups: 5 to 9, 10 to 13 and 14 to 17. There was a plan to increase the trainee footballers in succession, making the number up to 100, including the trainees from Spain, in one residential camp, which would require to build a large hostel. From the beginning IIMC Real Madrid Foundation Sports School as a ‘Social School Programme’ was becoming successful, popular among the local boys and girls, which was encouraging to IIMC and RMFto have more plans for the boy and girl trainees.

A case in focus is Sujata Orang, an enthusiastic footballer of ‘Social School Programme’. She went to IIMC Kongon Challapara Primary School, studying in class five, keeping her place amongst the best 20 in class. Her family was struggling. Her father, Santi Ram Orang, was a wage earner but mostly remined unemployed. Mother, Dulo Moni Orang, a housewife, who mostly kept her busy in running a poverty-stricken family. Playing football kept Sujata afar from the daily struggling of her family, as well, it helped her in remaining healthy in mind and body. The relationship with the football did not pull her back from the study, neither from helping her mother in doing household work. In future, Sujata wanted to be a teacher while her passion would be playing football. After 5 years, similar to Sujata Orang, the hundreds of success stories of poor girls and boys of IIMC’s ‘Social School Programme’ were found promising. Both RMF and IIMC identified that there was a significant change took place among the girls and boys, who were now having healthy mind and body, looking forward to bright future. This impressive impact encouraged RMF and IIMC to extend their effort for more years. On 21 October 2017, Dr. Sujit Brahmochary for IIMC, and Mr. Enrique Sanchez, Vice President, for RMF, signed a new agreement extending IIMC’s ‘Social School Programme’ for more four years. As a symbol of the programme’s success, Dr. Sujit Brahmochary was presented with a medal of honour.