My Day with Prof. Kalam

I was driving on my way back to home from IIMC at 8.30 pm after completing the day’s work. The mobile started to ring on I was not ready to take the call, however with an ignoring gesture. I took the call “Hello: am I speaking with Dr. Sujit Kumar Brahmochary, This is Mr. Monojit calling from Delhi, Prof. Kalam Foundation”.

Prof. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

“Yes this is Dr. Sujit here, please go on.” I pushed the car near to road side & stopped driving. “Prof. Kalam will be Kolkata tomorrow and he wants to meet you at Raj Bhawan, please meet him there at 8.30 am.” Great & surprising news, over all exciting too. Barnali was next to me she told “you must reach there on time and our little Subarna will join you, she needs blessing & wishes from such a great Scholar”. I have no idea, any knowledge how & when the work of IIMC Mission has been told to Prof. Kalam Foundation! But in my own consideration I got some satisfaction that in any way IIMC work is getting its own fame and momentum. On Sunday morning I got ready in time, Subarna is also excited, because she read in her class book, Prof. Kalam – ‘The Missile Man’ of India, the ‘Bharat Ratna’ & the President of India.

Governor House

Exactly at 8.30 am we reached the main north get of Raj Bhawan (Governor House). We stopped the car & told the name; the radio message went in and within a minute the guard stood on salute and told us, “please come in sir.” We were proceeding toward inner gate of Governor House. Subarna started to capture pictures of the palace, as soon we reached near inner gate 2 special security police opened the door of our car and with salute, “Come in sir.” After 2 more salute and guard of honors crossing through security screening X-ray, we reached to the elevator and handed over to next team of security guard to reach the Victorian reception hall. Subarna started to move around to see famous and big sized oil paintings among all Ramkrishna Dev & Swami Vivekananda representing the Bengal’s Majesticity. In the mean time Mr. Srijanpal Sing – M.D. CEO of Kalam Foundation entered the room and received us, coffee and Kashmiri Apple with Biscuits served to us. With Coffee we started to speak on IIMC activities, in the mean time Prof. Kalam entered the room, we all stood up. This is not a simple personality! Short height, strong, bright and very elegant. At the very 1st meet it seems Elder Brother of house, but surely very talented and caring personality, seems we are standing in front of the ocean of the knowledge and diversity.In his every word Human being, space, time, our surrounding & the important of our existence. He expressed all his interest on people nature & our contribution to the mankind, “How many people.

Victoria Room

Like an Elder Brother

IIMC – Mission serves & covers up, give priority to child & Education, 30%-40% people are below poverty level try to bring every one under education program – Modern Education must reach to every house”.

To Subarna – “Which great you are? Subarna was ready with her auto graph book, singing on her book “have you camera?” Told to his MD-CEO- Catch up some pictures. A Man with Flesh & Blood can be so beautiful, humble &

Pure, we started to feel & realize. His humbleness simplicity together with unparallel talent & scientific knowledge, one perfect combination of Mahatma Gandhi & Prof. Einstein.

He told “Kalam   Foundation & IIMC can work together to reach all peripheral part of India, specially Sunderban area of Bengal where you are working” in further added – “progress with your work, we are with you & came one day soon to Delhi”.

It is not easy to visualize & understand the great people observing from distance, if we can come closer& near, can speak work & exchange ideas then reveals the beauty,

truth, the power & intensity of the great people.


All together