We shall not let you go,

But who cares

Who dares?

Final call arrive

And time comes to its end,

Finite….. Unite to Infinite…….

Alas …. We must let you go.

Ben Van Houten – 9th Oct ‘1938….10th Oct ‘2014.

Our most Dearest and Loveliest - Friend Ben Van Houten - physically is no more with us, but his mission and wider vision is immortal, He will always continue to Live with IIMC- Mission. He was not a walking bird – He was a flying Eagle as a WILDE GANZEN with long and far vision and with an eternal vision of friendship. His body is dead but soul is alive in his work in IIMC- with his creation of several schools & health centres for the peripheral poor people in India. So many times – Ben was telling me- we have to reach the Millennium goal of United Nation within 2015, by creating all opportunities for all the poor people in India. Ben has found his goal – we need to fulfill, his all plans and thus He will live with us.

Ben in School

 Speaking on IIMC & IMCN.

With Social & Human Elements of Life, He was a missionary, He was a responsible citizen, with social- consciousness and one silent fighter for Developmental work to remove poverty. Ben will remain with us always alive in our IIMC-Mission, in our social consciousness, in our memory and in our all activities. Pure thought – consciousness and beautiful life in every one was synonymous with him. Ben is our Friend, our Resource and our Icon –Who will remain with us as our respected and symbolic model for IIMC-Mission, Who left us behind for his journey to Eternity of the Universal Infinity. Ben will continue to Live with us through the vision He developed in IIMC – IMCN.

We shall follow up and grow up with His philosophy and model of life.                

Ben is Immortal.

Dr.Sujit, Barnali and all IIMC members.

IIMC –Mission. Kolkata, India.