Bonojyotsna Devi Memorial Award Ceremony 2022

IIMC organised Bonojyotsna Devi Memorial award on 29th November 2022 at 3:30 PM in our IIMC Indoor centre Sonarpur. This award was started in the year of 2016 by our Late President Prof. S. B. Chowdhury in memory of her beloved mother Bonojyotsna Devi. This award motivates for brilliant students for their higher studies. It is specially for IIMC Secondary Schools students who gets highest marks in final exam.

This year SABUJ MONDAL got 1st prize. He obtained 615 out of 700 marks 87.85 % marks with  ‘A+’ grade from IIMC Sikshangan Challapara Secondary School.

RABIUL SEKH got 2nd Prize. He obtained 562 out of 700 marks 80.23 % with ‘A+’ grade from IIMC Sikshangan Hogolkuria.

SUBHANKAR  NASKAR  got 3rd Prize. He obtained 542 out of 700 marks 77.43 % with ‘A’ grade from IIMC Sikshangan Challapara.

Mrs. Barnali Brahmochary welcomed them and announced their names. Our present president of IIMC Mrs. Subhra Chatterjee blessed them, after that Dr. Sujit told them about duty and responsibility of human being among the students. After speech Mrs. Subhra Chatterjee gave Rs. 7,000 cheque, a beautiful IIMC Memento, a packet of cake and pastry. Mrs. Barnali Brahmochary and Dr. S.K. Brahmochary distributed Rs. 5,000/- and Rs. 3,000/- cheque, IIMC Memento and packet of Snacks to 2nd boy RABIUL SEKH and 3rd boy SUBHANKAR NASKAR. They are very very happy to get this award. We wish them a bright future.