Cloths, Dresses & Saree Distribution among Mothers & Children for Our Great Durga Puja Festival

Our National Festival Durga Puja will start from 2nd of October 2022. In West Bengal this festival is going for 5 days. For this festival all Hindu people wear new dress. But some children and their widow mothers are so poor, they can’t buy a new dress for their children and themselves also. For this reason IIMC organised to buy new dresses for them and distributed among children and mothers. IIMC Sewing Unit prepared 50 pieces girls Frocks, 100 pieces of girls Salwar kameez and pants. We bought 100 boys T-Shirts and 150 Sarees for mothers. We distributed all those new dresses and sarees on 26th September, 2022 afternoon at IIMC indoor centre in presence of our IIMC present president Mrs. Subhra Chatterjee and Staffs and our foreign medical students Riccardo, Gabriele from Italy, Rikke Steehjem Evensen and Anine Foss, Julie Sofie Boe from Norway. Riccardo also distributed some children dress that he brought from his country on that day. Children and their mothers are so happy to receive the dresses. IIMC distributed new dresses among our Handicapped and Orphan girls on 27th September 2022 in our indoor centre at 4 PM. We distributed 12 boys and girls new dress among 2 years to 5 years old children on 29th September, 2022 in our day care centre. IIMC also organised to distribute new sarees, T-Shirt among our 150 Indian female and male volunteers on the same day. We hope all of them who has received new dresses from IIMC they will enjoy Durga Puja festival very happily. We pray to God that everyone should be happy and healthy during this special festival for 2022.

Barnali Brahmochary


IIMC Education Unit