International Day- Stop Violence against Women and Girls

25th November marked as International Day – Stop Violence against Women and Girls. On that occasion, Institute for Indian Mother and Child – IIMC, Sonarpur organized a very beautiful and meaningful program. I was present on that occasion on behalf of South Kolkata Sannidhya. The program was wonderful. Today’s presentation had interesting cultural programs with very informative speeches by the speakers. Under the leadership and sincere management of Dr. Sujit Brahmochary, IIMC has been tirelessly working for the development, education and health in the remote villages of South 24 Parganas for nearly 30 years.  At the beginning, Mrs. Barnali Brahmochary on behalf of IIMC, gave a short speech calling everyone and mentioning the significance of the day. From today’s event, I would like to mention a wonderful presentation of Kazi Nazrul Islam’s “Rebellious” poem by the Rural Mothers of Women Peace Council of IIMC from the village of that region. With this was the performance of their play “Vriddhabas” – Oldage home. The International Volunteers of IIMC from different countries showed through acting how women are subjected to everyday abuse at home, workplace, hospital and on the streets. Shri Arindam Acharya Ex-Policeman spoke very strongly about why anti-domestic violence and other anti-torture laws are not properly enforced. The day was observed and was transmitted power and inspiration to the Mothers, which will continue with IIMC – Activities.


Reported by

Mrs. Swati Chatterjee,

Sannidhya, Kolkata.