IIMC – Mission, will be illuminating in 2024

2023 was a successful year Medically, Educationally, Economically & Socio-culturally, and did our best to amplify your sincere efforts to uplift the underprivileged Children and Mothers. Thank you very much for your all supports, cooperation and Inspirational Friendship.
2024 will be our Renewed Commitment together with Your Collaboration to Defence the Injustice and the Promotion of Human rights for our poor & underprivileged people.

Dr. Sujit

Medical Services for Everyone

Child Education –Sponsorship & School Construction

IIMC Youth Council

Microcredit organizing & cultivation & agricultural project

Women Peace Council, Old age programme & World Women’s Day

The Cow Project

IIMC Home for Girl Children

RMF IIMC Sports School

International Participation (The figure looks like IIMC)