Short Pictorial Report on IIMC – Youth Council Activities

Youth Council – Youth awareness and interactive session on 15th October

Youth Council – Program to congratulate for the Best 3 Students of 2021 session

In October IIMC Youth Council organise 2 very beautiful programme. On 15th October, 80 young girls and boys of IIMC sponsorship programme, who are in university education come together to practice social and cultural life in an interactive session. Subarna, with all YC team organise and enhance the day to improve their general knowledge and practice their social responsibility, I was invited to give talk and motivation On 26th October YC organised and participated congratulation and prize giving the best 3 students, who has done the best result in their secondary school examination. IIMC – YC, practicing with more than 2,000 sponsorship students who are young boys and girls from poor rural parents from deep rural village, need continuous support and encouragement for life and their better career, and improving responsibility to the society. Thanks to Danish 3om1 team and IMCC-IFMSA for your support and inspiration.


Dr. Sujit

IIMC – Mission, Kolkata,

10 Nov. 2022