Let us respond and speak to our Poor Neighbour

Let Us Respond and Speak to Our Poor Neighbour In the concept of Help and Cooperation there is a big confusion and understanding gap, most of the time possibly unintentionally we direct our self to the process of charity and encourage the begging desire of the poor and suffering backward people. Let us create opportunity […]

My Day with Prof. Kalam

My Day with Prof. Kalam I was driving on my way back to home from IIMC at 8.30 pm after completing the day’s work. The mobile started to ring on I was not ready to take the call, however with an ignoring gesture. I took the call “Hello: am I speaking with Dr. Sujit Kumar […]

Ben Van Houten –one Missionary:- “Lived with us in Vision”

We shall not let you go, But who cares Who dares? Final call arrive And time comes to its end, Finite….. Unite to Infinite……. Alas …. We must let you go. Ben Van Houten – 9th Oct ‘1938….10th Oct ‘2014. Our most Dearest and Loveliest – Friend Ben Van Houten – physically is no more […]

A Foundation for Empowerment

Rediscovering hunger Sometime in 1989, Dr. Brahmochary was ready to receive the poor mother and child in his humble health centre, which was in Sonarpur, then a remote village. The groundwork was satisfactory. The dilapidated building’s room, in which he was now sitting, was ready, though it smelt bit musty, after all it had been […]